Leadership Breakthrough

leadership-breaktrhough-bookWhether the reader is an executive with a desire to continue growing as a leader or the need to address some leadership challenges; is an identified hi-potential future executive preparing for advancement; is currently in middle-management feeling stuck and having trouble making the next move; is a new manager preparing for future leadership roles; or is a business owner wearing multiple hats and taking all the risks—this book will help you focus on the leadership skills needed to be successful in today’s fast-paced world. The development of these leadership skills will help maximize both their leadership potential and the growth of their organizations.

Based on her experience as an Executive Coach and a Leadership Development Consultant, the author explores the leadership skills that are neglected, weak or even missing in current and future executives and how the organizations they lead are impacted. She then provides tips, tools and guidelines for developing or strengthening these skills. Her clients have reaped the rewards of their hard work on these skills with promotions, increased compensation, a happier and more productive workforce, and new opportunities. The companies her clients work for have benefited with higher productivity, less employee turnover, and positive results on the bottom line.

Each chapter provides step-by-step guidelines and real-world examples for growing each leadership skill. At the end of each chapter is a summary of how each skill can help a leader grow, and how the growth of these skills can positively impact the leader’s organization.

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