What an Executive/Leadership Coach Can Do for You

How would you like your own personal executive or leadership coach that understands the leadership challenges you face and how to navigate them; that knows how to leverage your strengths and shore up your weaknesses; that provides ongoing confidential support and a sounding board for making decisions; and holds you accountable to your goals.  These and more are what an experienced and certified executive coach does. 

Whether you’re an experienced and successful executive stuck in a rut or looking for a new opportunity, or an up-and-coming executive looking to develop your leadership skills; an executive coach can build a custom, personal growth plan to help you create and reach your goals while providing support and real-time guidance.  You’ll learn how to incorporate critical leadership skills into your daily lives and make lasting behavioral changes.

There are many great leadership programs and classes out there with insightful assessments and compelling content.  Unfortunately, once participants leave the program or class the content gets unused or forgotten.  The challenge to powerful and inspiring leadership is applying the critical leadership skills to your world, consistently.  Coaches bridge that gap between learning effective leadership practices and applying them to the individual leader’s environment, habits and behaviors.

Here are some examples of topics for executive coaching:

  • Development of High-Potential Executives
  • Effective Communication
  • Time & Energy Management
  • Executive Presence
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Technical Experts as Leaders
  • Female Executives in Male Dominated Environments
  • Building Teamwork and Relationships

Here are some results experienced from working with an executive coach:

  • Development of Long-Term Skills and Behaviors
  • Improved Individual and Organizational Performance
  • Increased Productivity and Output from Individuals and Teams
  • Reduced Stress
  • Promotions
  • Elections to the Board
  • New Responsibilities and Opportunities
  • Increased Pay
  • Executive Retention
  • Improved Teamwork and Morale
  • Reduced Employee Turnover

When looking to hire an executive coach, look for one with leadership experience and education, and an executive coaching certification from a reputable university or organization.  Then interview them to determine comfort level and fit.  For more information check out www.lindseyresources.com or email Karen@lindseyresources.com.

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